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Britney Spears says lingerie collection is 'perfect for everyone'

Britney Spears believes her new lingerie range can be used by women of any size.

The singer launched her Intimate collection this week in London and it features items like underwear and nightwear.

Speaking at a press conference to promote the range, Spears said that she thinks any woman can look good in the pieces.

She said: "I think it’s for everyone, it’s for every type of woman; it’s a variety. It’s perfect for everyone."

When asked what she thinks the 'sexiest' item of the range is, Spears added:

"I think the sexiest item is probably ‘Cherry’ because it’s red and it really stands out, it’s very elaborate and I think it’s pretty promiscuous."

The Intimate range will go on sale in the UK from October 23.

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Watch Britney talk about her range below: