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1/11/11 will be a big day for Britney Spears

Britney Spears is on the verge of unveiling her brand new single, 'Hold It Against Me'.

After a demo of the track was leaked onto the internet and subsequently confirmed by Spears, she took to Twitter last night and wrote:

"Who's ready for 1/11/11? - Britney"

Her manager, Adam Leber, admitted in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that the track's video is "well under way" and that plans for the release are "nothing short of spectacular". Leber also played another song from Spears' forthcoming seventh studio album to Seacrest called 'I I I Wanna Go'. 

Seacrest was also treated to an exclusive preview of 'Hold It Against Me' and tweeted:

"@BritneySpears just sent me "Hold It Against Me." WOW. The demo doesn't even compare!"

"oh and @britneyspears has been rehearsing the music video for a month... shoots in 2 wks. It's gonna be MAJOR."

Check out the 'Hold It Against Me' demo here: