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Bruno Mars has to dodge grenades

Bruno Mars is used to having gifts thrown on stage while he's performing, but there's one item in particular that he'd rather fans avoided.

Since his chart-topping single 'Grenade' was released, the 25-year-old Grammy award-winner revealed that fans have been known to throw fake grenades at him when he plays the song. He told the Daily Star about the bizarre string of incidents:


"Since I’ve been singing Grenade I’ve been getting more fake ones thrown at me."

“At first it was cute now it’s beginning to spook my band out."

“With the stage lights on you can’t see anything. It’s dangerous and scares the shit out of me.”

He is set to return to the UK this August for a few exclusive headlining gigs and explained that he would prefer girls to throw underwear at him, instead:

"I don’t mind a few bras. They’re better than candy. That can really hurt.”

Watch the official promotional video for Mars and Janelle Monáe's co-headlining tour here:


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