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Calvin Harris talks Rihanna's "This Is What You Came For" vocals

Scottish superstar DJ Calvin Harris has revealed that he "would've waited 6 months" for Rihanna's vocals on "This Is What You Came For" because he was confident she would deliver something that no one else could. 

He told Beats 1 that their collaborative track was worth the struggle of trying to synchronise their schedules so that they could get the track together:

"She's incredible. She was going to do it in LA. She didn’t, she couldn’t. She had to finish her album. So it got pushed back a couple months and then there was a day in New York, or like some hours in New York that she had free because she was on tour at the time as well. I said "well, OK, we didn't get the vocal last time, I’m gonna fly over to New York and just make sure that I get it because I really want it today. This is the only day she has on tour if it’s not today it’s another two months, so can I come over." So I checked into the Mercer and I waited for her engineer to call me. Her engineer didn’t call me [laughs] and then I was texting him and I was like ‘is she there yet’ she wasn’t there yet. In the end it was four am I feel asleep."

"I woke up at like eight to three texts from him and he was like ‘we got it. It’s great, let me get everything together for you. And you can come pick i tup tomorrow.’ So he finished at two, my flight was at four."

The "How Deep Is Your Love" hitmaker went onto add that travelling back with the vocals in a bag made him feel like he was in the midst of "a bank heist": "We left the hotel, I had this brown bag with a hard drive in it. We drove to the studio, we heard the vocal once. I’m like ‘that’s great’ they put it on the hard drive, I put it in my bag, we drive around the corner to the helipad, we take off in the helicopter to the airport and I have this priceless vocal in my brown bag."

"Get on the plane, I sat it there opposite me in the seat, I looked at it and I was just like that was like a bank heist. That felt incredible, knowing that I had the most important vocals that I’ve ever got and it felt amazing. I would’ve waited 6 months for it."

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Watch the music video for "This Is What You Came For" below:


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