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Calvin Harris' Twitter outburst

Calvin Harris, who is currently in Australia, has taken to Twitter to rant about his hotel's expensive internet service and to confirm he isn't quitting music. 

He quipped on the social networking site a few moments ago (February 27):

"$27.50 a day internet in this hotel, you dirty bastards i'll get you back tomorrow at the breakfast buffet, this isn't over"

"I'm not even talking about eating all the food. Just putting it away. Any means necessary. Watch me. Watch the eggs disappear."

"I'm in the home of the Ugg. There's an Ugg store right by here. I'll buy countless pairs and fill them with beans and sausages, all of them"

He then reassured his fans and followers that he was only kidding, but took the time to explain he is not giving up music:

"Listen - people keep messaging me on here saying i'm retiring. Where the fuck did you get that from? I'm not fucking Duffy i love music"

"Who would retire from music on a whim? Ridiculous. Plus, have you seen me recently? I look fucking fantastic. Prime of my life. Outstanding"

"And i'm singing on the second single. And i sound bloody brilliant. Fucking superb in fact. Superb."

Watch the hit maker talk to Radio 1's Pete Tong here: