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Charlotte Church slams 'immoral' X Factor for 'scandalous' post-show contracts

Charlotte Church has heavily criticised TV programmes like the X Factor for tying up talent to "scandalous" contracts once the show is up.

The singer told New Statesman that the shows are "immoral" and strip artists away of any individuality. She said: "They're completely immoral, the way that they treat people on there. The deals these people go into afterwards are scandalous.

"They sign their life away for three years, and even if you don't win, you're not allowed to release anything. It exploits people, and it's incredibly formulaic, and there's no real artistry. The initial sparks you see in people are completely homogenised out of them by the time they're doing the live shows."

Church added that she thought about becoming a TV talent show judge in 2013 and held meetings with producers before knocking the idea back. She said: "I went for the meeting because I was curious. I asked how much artistic control I could have over my artists, and they basically said none."

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