Grime Rapper FIAS-KO trashes Brexit, UK discrimination, and Trump in New Song Release "Got Flow"

A call to awareness and action


Chase Emery Davis

FIAS-KO, also known as Chase Emery Davis, is a young British-American preforming artist. He comes to the UK rap scene from an unlikely background of classical music, jazz, and EDM.

“Got Flow” speaks of the young rapper’s socio-political observations, and personal experience with xenophobia and discrimination. “Got Flow”, is a metaphor for the politicians who “spin lies”, and those people who actually have “real flow” like in the line “Girl was a doctor, before a bomb shocked her, Can’t come to this country, but she’s got Flow”.

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Raised in France, FIAS-KO left at the age of 16 in the hopes of escaping the feeling of prejudice and discrimination he experienced throughout his childhood among the French kids who made it quite clear that he was not welcome there. “Sale Ricain” they’d say, (French slang for Filthy American). “I always thought that the United Kingdom would be different, but it’s here too” he says”. “At least in France racism is on the surface, but in the UK I feel it runs a lot deeper, and that has really shocked me”.

FIAS-KO has close friends who have recently been denied UK Visas, for which they paid thousands of non refundable pounds. “It’s all about money. We pay so much in taxes and what do we get for it? where is the money going? The council picks up the waste once every two weeks. Funds are being cut for education and the NHS. This is completely ridiculous. Where is all the money going?”

He sees the dismantling of cultural and political integrity. “The facade of political correctness has gone mad! One can’t even tell a joke without someone having a metaphorical heart attack” he says. Brexit has become an excuse for anyone to say absolutely anything they want about any racial of social group out loud without fear of being reprimanded”. After two years, the government has damaged our economy and the future prospects for young people like myself.

FIAS-KO has family in the US and is worried for their future too. “My 8 year old cousin’s mum said he could not even read Harry Potter. She told me that that it was way too advanced. America is falling behind so quickly, and the scary thing is how many people are completely oblivious to it”.

Chase Emery Davis is a classically trained composer and bass baritone singer with a 3 octave and 10 language range. Recently, graduated from the University of York with a masters degree in music production, he is a preparing to perform as a jazz singer and crooner in London.

Chase has also created 2 personas to express other facets of his creative identity. Chase ED will represent his journey into dreams and imagination expressed through Trance and EDM music. FIAS-KO will express his socio-political observations, through Rap and Grime.

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March 22, 2019 9:00am ET by Chase Emery Davis  

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