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Cheryl Cole: 'The rug got pulled from under me so now I don't like to make big life plans'

Singer and 'X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole has revealed that after her divorce from footballer Ashley Cole back in 2010 she has learned not to make big life plans as sometimes the things you really want simply don't work out. 

Speaking to Britain's ELLE magazine, the beauty admitted that she thought everything was set out for her so when things changed it was a real shock to the system that ended up teaching her a lot about expectation and the unpredictability of life:

"I thought I had every box ticked, career and persona. I was the first to get married. I was the one everyone thought would be the first to have a baby."

"And then the rug got pulled out from under me. I've learned that there is no such thing as a plan. You can't make them. I'm just enjoying finding out who I am. That's good enough right now."

In the same interview, Cole confessed to having a nervous breakdown last year: "It only hit me at the beginning of 2013 that I'd completely lost myself. I'd look in a mirror and think: 'Who the hell is she?'. I didn't know what I thought or felt about anything, couldn't make decisions - I didn't even know what to eat or drink."

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