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Sinitta on Cheryl and Liam romance: 'I think it's kind of perfect'

Sinitta spoke candidly to Now on Thursday about the Cheryl / Liam Payne romance describing their relationship as steamy from the get go.

Revealing what happened when the lovebirds met up at the X Factor December Final, she disclosed:

"The attraction was tangible in the room, I'll put it that way!

"Things have definitely progressed since then. He was not playing it cool at all ... He was awestruck. You know when a girl walks into a room, she looks hot and amazing, and the guy's like 'phwoar.' It was like that, he was struck by her beauty."

The 'Toyboy' singer continued:

"I think it's kind of perfect ... he's not the typical 22 year old. He's obviously travelled the world, he's tremendously successful, he's in a place that a lot of men don't reach until they're in their mid-forties.

"Meanwhile, [Cheryl's] had two disappointing relationships. She's still incredibly beautiful in the prime of her life, and don't they say that a woman's reaching her sexual maturity and vitality around her age?

"I just think they're a great match. Hey! I'm the girl who sings 'Toyboy', I'm all for it! They are exactly what each other needs."

Thirty-two-year-old Cheryl was previously married to Ashely Cole and is separated from Jean-Bernard Versini.

Yesterday (March 15), she uploaded artwork on Instagram of an embracing couple with the caption: 'I fall in love with souls, not faces.' 

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Watch Sinitta's 'Toyboy' video, Cheryl's performance of 'Fight For This Love' and footage of Cheryl and Liam from the X Factor's Final, below:


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