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Cheryl Cole dreams of creating her own perfume

Cheryl Cole has revealed that it would be a "dream" to create and launch her own perfume. 

The 'Promise This' hitmaker recently designed her first shoe line and this move away from music and into business has given her a taste of something new, which she is keen to pursue. Speaking to Britain's In Style magazine, she admitted:

"I always douse myself in perfume. I'm known for it in this industry. People say, 'Cheryl must have worn this dress', just because it smells of perfume. You can smell me coming down the red carpet. It's a dream of mine to have my own fragrance, but I would want to do it my way."

She also said that she hates "waking up to find mascara on the pillow" and often goes out of her way to wash her face before going to bed, adding:

"I always make sure I take my make-up off as I hate waking up to find mascara on the pillow. I wear SPF30+ in the sun and I cleanse and moisturise - the simple things. I'm not a good sleeper and can function on about four hours."

Cole also posted a beauty tip on her official Twitter page yesterday, November 10, and wrote: "*Beauty Tip* for unruly eyebrows.. Wash out an old bristle tip mascara brush and leave it to dry overnight.. Spray on a little bit of Elnett and brush it over your eyebrows.. It'll keep them in place for the night! ;-)"

Watch footage of Cole designing her debut shoe line below: