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Cheryl Cole admits to "interesting" conversations with Simon Cowell since her X Factor USA departure

Singer Cheryl Cole has revealed that since her untimely departure from X Factor USA last year, she's had "interesting conversations" with music mogul Simon Cowell.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 yesterday (April 25), the 'Promise This' hitmaker admitted that there's no point in living in the past or having bad feelings about the situation, and that she has continued to maintain a relationship with Cowell although it has changed:

"I have spoken to him many times since. If you're asking if there were interesting conversations ... absolutely."

Cole also spoke about the importance of social networking site Twitter, through which Cowell recently praised her new single 'Call My Name', and explained that she thinks it's a very useful tool:

"I resisted twitter for so long, it was the enemy for so long. But I love it now. I don't know what I was doing without it. I find that the haters on there are quite hilarious. Just have a nice time and follow nice people!"




Following her appearance at the Radio 1 studios, Cole tweeted: "To all you sweethearts who camped outside last night and waited in the rain... Bless you and thank you. Now go and get warm. *warm hugs*"

Check out her new single 'Call My Name', which is due to be released on June 10, below: