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Cheryl Cole: 'I didn't grow up with a role model so I try to be one for my fans'

'Promise This' songstress Cheryl Cole has revealed that because she "didn't grow up with a role model" she now goes out of her way to be a good person so that her fans have someone to look up to.

In a new interview with Attitude magazine, which hits newsstands today (May 29), the star explained that while she loves how free-spirited Rihanna is she could never be that uncensored because social networking sites tend to have young users:

"Rihanna is a free spirit and doesn't care if she calls somebody a **** on her Twitter. But there are 12-year-old girls on there. I didn't grow up with a role model so it's nice to be somebody's guide."

She also spoke about her shocking departure from X Factor USA and called the whole situation "old news":

"That show can drive anybody mental. I haven't said anything about 'X Factor' USA from that day to this. Why? Boring. It's year-old news. I've made a whole new album since then."




Watch her exciting performance of 'Call My Name' on The Voice below: