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Christina Perri gives Adele vocal cord advice

Christina Perri has revealed that she gave Adele advice on vocal cord care after she went through a similar operation.

Adele suffered vocal problems at the end of 2011 after a mammoth year, and soon underwent surgery in the US.

'Jar of Hearts' singer Perri told the Daily Star newspaper that she had undergone the same surgery only weeks before - so took it upon herself to give Adele some handy tips on recovering from the operation and taking care of your voice. She said:

"I had a crazy vocal experience last year where I had a nodule on my vocal cords and had to learn to be careful. Adele and I had the same surgery by the same doctors. So I reached out to her because she had it a couple of weeks after I did. I had a bunch of things to tell her that I know nobody else in the world would have told her because unless you go through it there are things you just don't know. I heard she was really happy with what I said. I hope to bump into her again."

Perri added that she is a "good little singer" - claiming that she doesn't party after performing in an effort to maintain good vocal health. She said:

"Now I'm cautious all the time. I'm a good little singer. After shows I won't party. When I have a day off I'm in my bunk sipping my tea. I'm serious about vocal care."




Watch Christina Perri perform 'Jar of Hearts' on Dancing On Ice below: