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Coldplay always donate 10% of band profits to charity

Chris Martin, the frontman for Coldplay, has revealed that his mother got him into the habit of donating 10% of his earnings to charity, which is something he has continued to do over the years. 

During an appearance on Australia's Today show, he explained that it's a great trend to keep alive and both he and the rest of his band give to a number of charities regularly under his mother's original percentage rule:

"I used to get 10 pence pocket money. The first time she gave me nine, I was like, 'What is this?' [And my mum was like], 'Get used to it, son.' Mum still gives me three pounds a week. It's very important for us [to give money to charity regularly]. It drives us on. We have a place in London, which we pay for a lot of it, that looks after some kids and... uh, we don't talk about it that much but you asked. It is true! But it did come from when I was 10 years old!"

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Watch Chris Martin discussing his charitable nature here:

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