Dana Rexx releases ‘Love Syndrome’ to raise awareness for domestic violence


Dana Rexx

• Artist Name: Dana Rexx
• Release Title: Love Syndrome
• For Fans Of: Lady Gaga, Lorde, Katy Perry, P!nk
• Photo credit: Thomas Gunst

Love Syndrome is a rallying cry for awareness of domestic violence in all its forms.
From intimidation, social isolation and humiliation to psychological abuse, sexual and physical assault, and even to murder, domestic violence remains a big problem in our society.

Every day 137 women are killed by a member of their family. Even when the abuse is not physical, being trapped in a spiral of psychological oppression and constant harassment can cause serious mental scarring and estrangement from family, friends and one’s self.

“I’ve had my share of abusive relationships. Being bullied into submission, not even realising that my identity was being erased because of someone else’s insecurities.”

Dana is passionate about encouraging people to unveil their inner Warrior by changing how they perceive themselves. She has made it her mission to uplift and empower fans across the globe by creating a world through music, performance and community, where people can connect and express their ideas freely and where society’s archaic ideals are no longer the norm.

“Inside each of us there is a powerful force caged by culture, tradition and outdated teachings that suppress our best qualities and cripple our true creativity. Fight for your right to be yourself! ALWAYS!“

Dana also hosts a podcast called “Unboxing Women” where she explores why women in the music business are marginalised and discusses the gender gap with her co-host and special guests.

Dana’s discography is available on all digital music platforms.


With her new track 'Love Syndrome' she is raising awareness for domestic violence, which is still a huge problem in our society and has only become worse with Corona. A very important issue that needs the necessary attention.

The track is to be released on 8 March, which is International Women's Day. With the accompanying lyric video, made by Dana Rexx herself, 'Love Syndrome' is a chilling interpretation of the psychological imprisonment associated with partner and domestic violence situations. Dana's goal is to raise awareness around the psychological impact of domestic violence, that regularly leaves deeper scars than the physical injuries.

In release week Dana will also be doing a fundraiser on Twitch for a Women's Rights Charity Organisation that helps victims of domestic violence.

Source Dana Rexx

February 24, 2021 7:19pm ET by Dana Rexx  

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