Vincent Vaughan Releases New Single 'Beautiful Affair'


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Vincent Vaughan returns with his latest offering ‘Beautiful Affair’. He masterfully combines an old-school Americana-Country vibe with a modern twist to impart a powerful nostalgic groove.

Building on the impact of his well-received and captivating previous releases, the arrival of ‘Beautiful Affair', is expected to significantly augment this already impressive momentum.

As a singer, Vincent Vaughan holds a deep reverence for lyrics and melody, and will always endeavour to do what’s best to serve the song, never his ego.
This is borne out in his latest offering, a rendition of the Stockton’s Wing’s classic ‘Beautiful Affair’.

Originally released in 1981 by Stockton's Wing and written by the band's songwriter and guitar player, Mike Hanrahan, the band's roots lie deep in Co. Clare's traditional Irish music scene.

However, as the band evolved, they departed from their traditional roots to make way for a mix of more contemporary influences. More than 40 years later, the song still remains an iconic one, being both musically and emotionally genre-crossing.
Recorded in San Marcos, Texas, Vincent Vaughan's re-imagining of 'Beautiful Affair' is a reflection of the countless times he has performed it solo over the years with just his acoustic guitar.

His Texas-based co-creators freely added their own unique flavour and infused the song with a laid-back country charm, giving the song an irresistible Americana vibe which he feels is a reflection, in part, of his musical identity.

Vincent Vaughan commented, “When I first heard 'Beautiful Affair', way back in 1981 I was immediately smitten by it. Ever since my first time hearing it, it has been one of my favourite songs to sing, and has been firmly planted in my set list for many years. Having lived with the song for so long, it almost feels like it's a part of me. So when choosing material for my recording project, it was very high on my list from the get-go, and although the song could never be mine, I feel I've put my own stamp on it.”

‘Beautiful Affair’ is available on all streaming platforms.


Based in Ireland, Vincent Vaughan is an independent artist who has a predilection for blending his lifelong love of Vintage Country and Americana with threads of his Irish musical heritage. As a singer, he holds a deep reverence for lyrics and melody and will always endeavour to do what's best to serve the song, never his ego.

His singing style is deeply poetic—sometimes heartbreaking, oftentimes uplifting, but always thought-provoking. He has established himself as a songwriter, penning songs for the likes of Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and American voice actress Grey DeLisle-Griffin. In addition to that, Vincent Vaughan has been delivering a catalogue of his own covers of some of his favourite artists' work. He seeks to pay tribute to his musical influences, and from there, he hopes to channel that same musical passion into his own original work.

His previous releases, ‘Many a Long and Lonesome Highway’, ‘Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens’, ‘Just Because’, and ‘Serious’, were very well received and all garnered a considerable amount of radio play on both RTE Radio 1, and several regional stations.

He has recently been featured in some notable online print publications from the likes of Music Crowns, FLEX, PureMzine, Backseat Mafia, Find Your Sounds, and Vents Magazine.

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