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Babatell's personal ideal way of living as an artist is to be the most known unknown. He is able to produce music with musicians from all over the world but still remains mysterious and has the privacy that he needs in order to create. He considers himself as a creator of art, not content.

Introducing Babatell, an independent record producer and artist whose creations are as enigmatic as they are genre-defying. Hailing from Dortmund, Germany, Babatell has transcended conventional norms, crafting a unique identity characterized by his unyielding commitment to artistic integrity. With a diverse range of talents, Babatell not only mesmerizes as a producer but also captivates as a vocalist and DJ.

Babatell's sonic universe is a realm of boundless experimentation and audacious exploration. His music defies categorization, right now blending elements of Alternative Hip-Hop, Afrofuturism, and Electronica. Synthesizers and bass-sonics interplay with distorted and reverberating vocals, creating an otherworldly ambiance that resonates deeply with his audience. Whether through the introspective echoes of his vocals or the pulsating beats of his production, Babatell's sound is an immersive experience that defies easy classification.

The executive produced the first studio album, Selftalks, means explores inner dialogues. This concept album delves into the nuances of human existence and the intricate conversations we have with ourselves. Selftalks, isn't just an album; it's a mirror that reflects the cacophony of emotions, thoughts, and uncertainties that define our lives. Through raw and hauntingly beautiful tracks, Babatell invites listeners to explore the uncharted territory of their inner worlds. And at the same time, it's a deeply personal journey. The album embraces the fluidity of human emotions and experiences, touching on themes of love, doubt, hope, and frustration. With an intentional blend of melodies, rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics, Babatell weaves a sonic tapestry that is both cathartic and transformative. Every track is a testament to his commitment to authenticity and creative freedom.

The focus track ‘Superego’, was created as a stand-out track almost as a manifestation of his future self: Telling the world that one may break down the mental walls that surround the full potential of one's self and set it free. The song was created in his basement studio, as well as the entire album. Although this was the rough idea that he had in mind, he mostly created by trying random things and not conceptualizing too much before creating. This way he also came up with ‘Superego’. The arrangement is changing and non-repetitive throughout the short song while the chants are, which is meant to show evolvement is achieved by repeating own affirmations.

Selftalks, serves as a beacon of his intention to delve deeper into the global music scene, and the album's three accompanying videos, including the visually captivating double Intro video, add an immersive layer to the album's narrative. As he introduces Selftalks to the world, he also envisions a future marked by continuous growth and artistic exploration. With plans to venture into interior design and fashion later in his career, Babatell's creative journey is one characterized by an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the boundaries of artistry.

Babatell comments on the album, “It's my way of saying that I don't care if you understand what I do, I'm ahead of a lot of things creatively. Not that I know things better than other people or that I'm a more valuable person, but the music I do is very experimental and located at a different place than a lot of current music.”

Prepare to embark on an immersive auditory and emotional expedition as Babatell's, Selftalks, takes you on a transcendent voyage through inner dialogues and sonic landscapes.

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