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Joel Monteiro is a Portuguese electronic music producer and DJ who goes by the stage name HOZHO. He has been able to capture the world's attention and build a huge fanbase with his own unique signature - Melodark - that takes anyone who listens to him on an unforgettable journey. He returns with his brand-new three-track melodic techno extended-play, PSYCHE.

Musically speaking, melodark is characterized by the symbiotic contrast between the beautiful melodies (melo) and the darkness surrounding the synths and basslines (dark), often based on a minimal techno beat.

The three-track EP came about after HOZHO and his friend Black Hertz transformed their friendship into a masterpiece on an album they worked on together in 2017, and wanted to recreate this momentum again. In this EP, HOZHO and Black Hertz, who tell their listeners stories in their own language and invite them into the mental eclipses they create, dreamed of making a visual and audio mediative presentation.

‘ID’ launches the EP with a burst of unbridled energy, exploring primal instincts. The throbbing beats vividly mirror the unfiltered essence of human desires, inviting listeners to embark on a wild sonic escapade. This joint creation by HOZHO and Black Hertz establishes a daring tone for the entire EP.

Transitioning seamlessly, ‘Ego’ encapsulates self-awareness through a melodic journey. With collaborative expertise from Black Hertz, HOZHO skillfully intertwines complex instrumentals and introspective melodies. The outcome encourages listeners to ponder their identity within the context of societal expectations.

Concluding the EP, ‘Superego’ delves into the moralistic realms of the psyche. Crafted as an instrumental masterpiece by HOZHO and Black Hertz, it guides listeners through a contemplative journey with ethereal sounds. This track serves as a profound musical reflection, emphasizing internalized ideals inspired by Freud's Superego concept.

PSYCHE, is an immersive experience that pushes listeners to confront the complexity of their own thoughts, going beyond the conventional boundaries of an EP. HOZHO and Black Hertz solidify their position as musical innovators by combining electronic elements with a tremendous depth of understanding. This EP deserves recognition for its transforming voyage into the depths of the human psyche in addition to its musical pleasures.

As you immerse yourself in the melodies, each track offers an auditory experience that delves into a different aspect of the brain. The songs are influenced by ideas from Freudian, while exploring a different facet of the psyche, and offer an audio experience as you lose yourself in the melodies.

HOZHO continues to set himself as a stand-out act as his motivation stems from both his innate creative ability and his sophisticated production techniques.

December 5, 2023 9:59am ET by Let's Go Music News  

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