Juicy Lemon Club Releases New EP 'Sleepless'


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Hailing from Switzerland, Juicy Lemon Club has been performing on stages for the past two years, achieving recognition for their witty style that combines disco and house elements with vintage and contemporary sounds. The earnest lyrics and soulful vocals add a touch of individuality and refreshing diversity.

They return with their indie-pop five-track extended-play, Sleepless. Falling in love, restless nights, and a yearning for intimacy are the main themes. At Alterna Recording Studios, in collaboration with Philippe Laffer, Juicy Lemon Club worked together to record and produce the EP. At London's Abbey Road Studios, the songs were subsequently mastered.

‘Sincerely’, the focus track, is an indie-pop composition with a melancholic tone. It has to do with appreciating self-worth in a relationship. It's a declaration from someone who is at last able to say, "no, you can't treat me this way, or I'm going to leave." The track features guitars, piano, synthesizers, drums, bass, and vocals on the production.

In their music, groove is everything. The tunes have a live sound that makes you want to dance. Their emotive voices add even more colour to their sound, which draws inspiration from the disco and indie-pop genres. They pair this with lyrics that are far from superficial.

On the song, Juicy Lemon Club comments, “‘Sincerely’ is really about recognizing your self-worth in a relationship and the fact that someone else does not respect that. It's about finally being able to say “no, you can't treat me like this or I'm gonna leave”.”

Juicy Lemon Club's musical prowess is demonstrated in, Sleepless, which also emphasizes the group's sincerity, ardor, and dedication to artistic development. Their most recent release, which complements their whole musical record to date, highlights their artistry.

February 22, 2024 9:09am ET by Let's Go Music News  

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