Angii Burkart Releases New Single 'Running'


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Swiss singer-songwriter Angii Burkart is back with her brand-new pop single ‘Running’ infused with dark and sad undertones that will capture the listeners’ attention from the very first note.

The raw emotion of Angii Burkart's lyrics combines with the grandeur of the choir and orchestral parts to create a pop song with a folk influence. This is what makes her music so distinctive. She writes songs that are both a trip and a destination, allowing listeners to delve into the depths of human emotions through her music, all while accompanied by her faithful guitar.

‘Running’ has a melancholic production with piano, drums, synths, and guitar. Emotional vocals accompany this intriguing composition. She crafts original music that will simultaneously make you shudder, cry, and bop your head.

On the track, Angii Burkart comments, “I guess it's the most intimate but best song I've ever written.”

Angii Burkart is set to release her debut EP in 2024, a collection of tracks songs that will acquaint you with her soundscape. A tribute to her artistry and commitment, keep an eye out for this next work.

February 23, 2024 9:41am ET by Let's Go Music News  

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