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Ayda Rose embodies what it means to work hard and hustle to follow your dreams. She returns with her sophomore single ‘Damn’ infused with dreamy and emotive tones that will capture the listener’s attention from the very first note.

The slow-burning and delicate R&B production on ‘Damn’ features guitars, keys, and bass. The earnest instrumentation is paired with Adya Rose’s distinctive and captivating tonality in her voice and expressive melodies to create a sentimental experience for the listener.

Adya Rose uses her unmistakable voice and creates soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics into a unique sound. With influences from the likes of SZA, Amy Winehouse, and Stevie Wonder, you can hear how she takes her inspiration from her love of soul and perfectly blends it with urban electronic sounds.

Adya Rose penned ‘Damn’ during a difficult time in her life that she experienced with the person she loved. Writing in real-time or retrospectively, this particular track is raw. She went to the studio and felt a creative block, but once her producer picked up the guitar and began to play some chords, the song came to life.

Ayda Rose creates a unique aesthetic in her music with her memorable vocals, soulful melodies, and poignant lyrics. In her most candid production to date, she worked closely with singer-songwriter cam Bloomfield and well-known artist Switch (formerly of major lazer) to keep her inner circle close. She calls the project ‘soulful with a modern twist, both old school and contemporary’, and in each song, she delves into topics of real-life love and heartache.

On the song, Ayda Rose says, “‘Damn’ is a song of heartache and pain, falling in love then longing for someone who isn’t ready. It's a raw and stripped-back R&B, a personal story of love and loss.”


Music runs deep in Ayda Rose’s family. Her British father is a drummer and vocalist of 60s’ rock royalty, DBM&T. Teamed with a mixed heritage of Haitian American and Native American on her mother’s side, this combination has influenced and shaped her journey so far as an artist.

Ayda Rose debuted her first project in the summer of 2023 and released her first single, ‘Psychic’, following three years of dedicated work. She previously went under the name of Effie, who was well-known for her contributions and made the decision to usher in a new age by releasing her next project under the moniker Ayda Rose.

Ayda Rose holds deep personal significance, representing a lineage of powerful women. She is now ready to make her own name in the music industry after making a big impression in the dance scene as Effie, working with musicians like Mella Dee and FOOR, and establishing herself as a backup vocalist for a strong roster of performers that included Becky Hill, one of the UK's biggest stars. In addition to her accomplishments as an artist, she has been progressively enhancing her songwriter reputation. She contributed to Stormzy's album, This Is What I Mean, in 2022, co-writing and vocally arranging the song ‘Please’.

Gaining recognition for her performances on her home soil and stateside, as well as accumulating press coverage across Clash and Notion, Adya Rose has presented herself as an exciting emerging talent with a lot of promise for the future.

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