OWN DEVICES Release New Single ‘Selfless’


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Daniel Bond and Tarik Khan are the masterminds behind British music collective OWN DEVICES. Merging genres of R&B, indie, and psychedelic rock, they uniquely blend engrossing lyricism and captivating soundscapes that from the ground up that are built to be sonically cohesive.

OWN DEVICES are gearing up for their debut album later this year, dropping their first offering ‘Selfless’, inviting listeners on this fascinating voyage.

OWN DEVICES show their versatility by effortlessly blending genres to create their own sound. The exhilarating feel-good production on ‘Selfless’ features an undeniably soulful groove that is rich in harmony, reminiscent of the 70s yet with a contemporary twist. The captivating falsetto vocals will get the listener’s attention from the first note.

With their uplifting production on ‘Selfless’, OWN DEVICES bring their take on psychedelic soul music to life. Driven by their exploration of groundbreaking sounds to establish a stronger connection with their audience, OWN DEVICES are eager to share this new record with their listeners.

On the release, OWN DEVICES share, “"Selfless" serves as a testament to the power of inner strength and the beauty of emerging from the shadows of the past, reminding us of the potential for renewal even in the darkest of times.”

With more music on the horizon, OWN DEVICES are poised to continue evolving as artists, interesting audiences with their personal lyricism and finely crafted storytelling.

May 24, 2024 6:40am ET by Let's Go Music News  

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