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UK-based R&B artist B.K.W.H (Beckwith), freshly from being on the cover of Blues & Soul magazine, is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated new album, Beckwith, slated for release on June 21, 2024, on all streaming platforms. The latest offering features his two UK Top 40 Smash ‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ (#29 Official UK Charts), and ‘Be There’ (#37 Official UK Charts).

B.K.W.H is ready to dominate 2024 with the release of his new album, Beckwith. Given his prior songwriting success and his impeccable lyrical skill, the album contains five UK Top 10 R&B songs and two UK Official Top 40 Hits, Beckwith, serves as unmissable, non-skip greatest hits.

‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ opens the album with a fresh slice of classic NEW JACK SWING produced by JIMMY ANTONY. It features an epic rap cameo from MOTOWN GOLD selling M.C Brains (Oochie Coochie) and has already reached over one million streams on Spotify.

‘Be There’ keeps the hits coming. This UK Official Chart Top 40 Smash (#39) features the legendary New York Hit Squad rapper Keith Murray. “Call my name and I’ll come running….” with that classic ab-lib, Keith Murray tied this song to his previous classic verses with Total and LL Cool J. “It was always my dream to work with Kevin Murray. Every time I hear him call my name ‘Beckwith’ on the song, it still doesn’t feel real,” B.K.W.H comments on the track.

‘Can’t Beat the Weekend’ Is a classic slice of timeless luxury soul mixed with funk and class to create a modern class two-step sound for a new musical generation. The track earned the #1 UK R&B iTunes and #26 Official Ireland Top 40. The song served its purpose in the Summer of 2023, and kept The Weeknd off the number one spot.

‘Soulful Women’ is a soul anthem, and a #10 UK iTunes R&B charter that pays tribute to all the legendary female R&B and soul singers from days past and present from Caron Wheeler to Shola Ama to Beverly Knight. The song was produced by South London’s very own Ninetown.

‘All My Love’ is heavily inspired by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and New Edition (The NE Heartbreak album), it has received early comparisons to the New Edition top 10 Billboard classic ‘If It Isn’t Love’ and B.K.W.H has littered the track with lots of fun easter eggs for fellow New Edition fans.

‘Without You’ is a self-produced, self-written song by B.K.W.H and features another hip-hop legend Kool G Rap (Juice Crew). It’s a smooth song with an outstanding melody and elements of soul and ‘80s hip-hop.

‘Everyday’ continues the hip-hop theming with a Pete Rock/Mobb Deep inspired by Phil Tyler accompanied by an elegant vocal performance by B.K.W.H. songwriting partner Marvin Ambrosius (NAS, Angie Stone) commented, “Beckwith has never sounded better, what an incredible vocal performance.” This song is complimented by Mobb Deep affiliate BIG NOYD.

‘Get Down’, a self-produced, offers a smooth funk flavour sound of the album featuring Wu Tang Clan, of Ghostface Killah.

To compliment the album, it features an exclusive official remix by R&B supremo DJ Soulchild (4pm, Keith Robison, J.Daphaney) delivering a more contemporary Street Edge sound that will soon be tearing up dance floors on the Club Scene all around the World. The song was awarded the second-best R&B song of 2023 in Blues & Soul magazine (December 2023).

Fans of B.K.W.H.'s music can anticipate enjoying the catchy rhythms and poignant words that have come to define his career as his new album takes centre stage. He keeps pushing the envelope of musical expression with every album, enthralling listeners while making a lasting impression on the state of R&B today. The album beckons listeners to lose themselves in the rich, deep tones of his most recent composition. Prepare to groove to the contemporary classic sound and be mesmerised by the brilliance of this renowned performer, B.K.W.H.

With, Beckwith, B.K.W.H once again proves his prowess as a multifaceted artist, seamlessly blending luxury soul with funk and modern R&B elements. The album transports the listener into a realm of gripping soundscapes. This latest release solidifies his position as a trailblazer in the R&B genre, garnering widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.

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