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David Bowie looks to past albums for inspiration

Legendary singer David Bowie tried to "recreate" and "update" his previous hits when producing his newest record.

The 66-year-old star announced earlier this month that he is releasing his first album in ten years - 'The Next Day' - as well as a new single, 'Where Are We Now?'.

Speaking to NME, producer Tony Visconti says Bowie's new music will remind fans of his older material, as he took inspiration from his previous hits.

He explained: ''Sonically, it's something in between 'Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)' and 'Heathen'. We actually played some unreleased 'Scary Monsters...' recordings and stuff from the 'Lodger' days [in 1979]. We tried to recreate them or update them, but instead we just got into the vibe.''

Speaking about new track 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)', Tony continued: ''This one could be off [1972 album] 'Ziggy Stardust...' It's a big stadium rock song. On 'Love is Lost', we used some techniques we used on [1977's] 'Low' on this, so sound-wise you might hear something familiar.''

Bowie's new album 'The Next Day' is due to be released on March 11 in the UK.




Watch the video for David Bowie's 'Where Are We Now?' below:


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