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David Bowie gives 42 word list as interview response to 'The Next Day' album

Iconic singer David Bowie has finally broken his silence on his brand new album, 'The Next Day', by giving a reporter a list of words that sum up the creative process he went through to create it.

Bowie has been very tight-lipped about the record, which is his first in 20 years, but when asked by American novelist Ricky Moody (best know for his novel 'The Ice Storm', which was eventually turned into a movie starring Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline) to provide him with a "work flow diagram" describing his creative approach, he replied with a list.

Moody explained: "I wanted to think about [the album] in light of what he was thinking about it, I wanted to understand the lexicon of 'The Next Day', and so I simply asked if he would provide this list of words about his album, assuming, like everyone else waving madly trying to get his attention, that there was not a chance in hell that I would get this list, because who the f**k am I, some novelist killing time writing occasionally about music."

"Astonishingly the list appeared, and it appeared without further comment, which is really excellent, and exactly in the spirit of this album, and the list is far better than I could ever have hoped, and it’s exactly like Bowie, at least in my understanding of him, impulsive, intuitive, haunted, astringent, and incredibly ambitious in the matter of the arts…"

Bowie's list is as follows: Effigies, indulgences, anarchist, violence, chthonic, intimidation, vampyric, pantheon, succubus, hostage, transference, identity, mauer, interface, flitting, isolation, revenge, osmosis, crusade, tyrant, domination, indifference, miasma, pressgang, displaced, flight, resettlement, funereal, glide, trace, Balkan, burial, reverse, manipulate, origin, text, traitor, urban, comeuppance, tragic, nerve, mystification.



Watch Bowie's video for 'Where Are We Now?' below:


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