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David Guetta: 'Nicki Minaj drove me a little crazy in the studio'

French DJ and producer David Guetta has revealed that working with Nicki Minaj in the studio 'drove him crazy' because she's such a perfectionist. 

They worked together on a song called 'Hey Mama', which is part of his latest album 'Listen', and speaking to MTV News about collaborating with her, the star explained that she was so attentive to the tiniest details and it ended up being frustrating, but meant that the end product was 'incredible':

"And Nicki, she's such a perfectionist it's incredible. Like she really, she drove me a little crazy. But at the end the result is incredible because like she would really call me with little details but at the end if you add this detail plus this one plus this one, it does change the record. And I think this record is going to be very, very big."

Minaj, meanwhile, recently told E! News that she feels shy a lot of the time and sometimes struggles to speak up, but forces herself out of her shell: "I feel shy a lot of times actually. I just push myself to go for it."

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Watch behind-the-scenes footage from one of Guetta's new videos below:


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