Labrinth Nordoff Robbins Children Visit

Labrinth joined in a Nordoff Robbins music therapy class to see first hand what a difference the sessions can have on some of the children. 

He joined Alex, Imen and Adelaide who all suffer from autism or severe learning difficulties that can create highly isolated lives from a very young age. Images below. As the class progressed, from the children being quite distant and uncertain, you could see them opening up and connecting with Labrinth and each other as they played on the instruments together with their music therapists. They slowly joined Labrinth around the piano and joined in with him. 

American Express Innovation Award winner, Labrinth says: “If we had been just talking I would've found it a lot harder to get involved, whereas this was using something I know – music – that is very familiar to me. That's why I was so keen to get involved.”

“When we were all playing instrument, I thought 'I've never met these kids, yet I feel at ease' and that's because I know music, and they know music and we were communicating.”

“It's music providing familiarity and comfort and giving them confidence. When I think back, to me, music was the thing that let me express myself when I couldn't find the words. I could just play a piano or guitar and I'd feel comfortable. It's not quite the same, but I spend a lot of time in the studio on my own, not communicating with words, but then I come out of there and it's my music that does the talking. Music is my way of communicating. And I saw that with these children, they were able to get something across to the teachers and to me without speaking.”

“This session has shown me that music should be an expression, a way of communicating to other people and getting the purest message across that you can. I feel very inspired after this.”
Labrinth will be receiving the Innovation Award at this year's O2 Silver Clef Awards on June 28th. 

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