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Debbie Harry's fear of death

Debbie Harry has no intention of retiring her incredible music career because she admits there's nothing she's scared of "other than mortality". 

The Blondie frontwoman told Attitude magazine that she doesn't believe in life after death so wants to cram as much into her years as possible:

"Unfortunately, I don't think anything happens when we die. I know that there's energy involved and that the energy comes out of you."

"How does that make me feel about this life? Make it as good as possible."

The 65-year-old singer revealed that while she can't front a rock band forever she wants to make other plans:

"I want to keep doing things. I don't want to retire. I know that I can't front a pop or rock band forever but I would certainly like to keep writing or maybe start a clothing business."

"I don't know if there's anything I'm really scared of other than mortality. I feel that I've achieved a lot but I don't want to stop."

Watch Harry talk about the future of the music industry here: