Introducing Mark Westberg

Debut EP 'Starseed Phantoms' Showcases Songwriting Prowess


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Singer-songwriter and self-professed ‘new-age hippie rockin’ folk punk and grunge jammer’ Mark Westberg delivers songwriting prowess with his debut EP ‘Starseed Phantoms’. If you haven’t yet heard it, it’s a must-listen.

Track Listing:
1. Paranoid Moon
2. Amber Staircase
3. Paralized
4. Sky Full of Vultures
5. The Lament of Pirate Otis
6. Delicate

Brie MacQuarrie designed the stunning artwork for the EP.

In the artist's own words: "Every tune off of “Starseed Phantoms” is based off of a memory, or as I like to think of it, a “ghost” or a “phantom” that lurks around within my mind. Each song is dedicated to a specific and impactful memory, how it made me feel and how it effects me to this day, how I have grown with it since their individual inceptions, and how I have come to reflect on each of these memories with newfound perception. I should also note that I reside on the autism spectrum, and many of us are commonly thought of as descriptors such as “indigo children” or “star seeds”, so I thought it would be kind of fun and interesting to play with the latter term in my EP’s title, and have it be my way of representing myself as an autistic artist writing and expressing myself through an autistic experience and perspective."


For fans of Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Jeff Buckley… Westberg is also an actor and visual artist. Mark Westberg is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and originally from Seattle, WA.

November 6, 2020 4:13pm ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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