UK Artist Jody Bigfoot Set To Release 'Duszt' - a 12-track album and feature-length music video


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Duszt is a twelve track ‘conscious trap’ album with accompanying feature length music video, filmed on location in Japan, inspired by concepts of Daoism, Zen Buddhism and classic Japanese directors such as Akira Kurosawa and Kitano Takeshi. Jody Bigfoot is attempting to keep alive the rebellious roots of hip hop whilst sprinkling it with the encouragement for spiritual growth he strongly believes is needed for humanity to find its way out of the chaotic predicament it’s currently in. Exploring subjects ranging from ego in rap, the daily grind of the rat race, the irony of colonizing mars before saving our own home, destiny and Dao amongst more. The film embodies a yin yang, with the first half filmed at night in urban landscapes and the second, filmed at day in Japan’s serene countryside and temples with a dot of the opposite starting and ending this structure. The album and movie are designed to uplift it’s audience and invite them to question what it means to be alive inside a system that is harming its inhabitants and threatening the very life of its host.

The movie itself is funded, directed, edited and produced by Jody with the assistance of one cameraman as well as being brought to life by the music production skills and instrumental talent of German prodigy Tandaro, who has produced the album.

The full video and album will be released this May, yet the fun has just begun, as Jody will be teasing 'Duszt' from January 22nd onwards, with a couple of trailer videos and singles dropping along the way.


Jody Bigfoot's debut solo project Duszt challenges tropes and preconceptions of contemporary hip hop whilst building on the political roots of the genre with a refreshing addition of spiritual esotericism and eastern philosophy.

Born at home to a pair of socialist vegetarians, Jody Bigfoot has always stood out from the crowd, standing at two meters tall with size 15 shoes, this is both literal and figurative! After playing a leading role in the local anti Iraq war movement and attending the largest protest in history to no avail, he became disillusioned with conventional forms of protest. Equally fed up with mainstream education and English hedonism he spent most of his twenties traveling and working in any country he could get a visa, doing anything from packing cow hides in Australia to climbing and dismantling 250 foot trees in ancient Canadian rainforest.

Having released five albums and five EPs over five years within his Hip-hop group 'Trinity Lo Fi', Bigfoot has gone solo.

January 18, 2021 8:25am ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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