The New Single 'Whisper The World Away' by Larry Mindel

Release Date: 11th June 2021


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Whisper The World Away is the new single from singer-songwriter Larry Mindel, following on from his well-received debut album of December 2020, Love in Troubled Times.

This is Larry’s first collaboration with Italian producer, Matteo Galesi, who has worked with Ten Fe, Omahrose Frank Mada and other emerging artists. Hailing from Northern Italy, the huge skies and deep lakes of the region transfer sonically into a wide and rich tapestry of sound, heard to stunning effect on this track. Coupled with Mindel’s signature warm tenor vocal, his poetic lyrics, and unexpected changes in dynamics and time signature, Whisper The World Away is a captivating three-minute symphony.

On Whisper The World Away, the strings are contributed by multi-instrumentalist Joao Silva from Portugal, who is one half of the band Still Life. The video is by London film-maker, Rob Thom.

Whisper The World Away is concerned with moving into mature adulthood and contentment - welcoming responsibility, family life - and assured love. Being simultaneously apprehensive and excited by that.

Recorded in lockdown in the Winter and Spring of 2021, in London and Barcelona, the production team is working on further material, based on Mindel’s extensive unrecorded catalogue, and original new material.


Larry Mindel makes evocative music for the ages that tells affectionate stories about grown-up people and their place in a complex world. Drawing on folk traditions and jazz harmonies, Larry explores the common ground that unites us to help us make sense of our times.

The landscape is the low land of Suffolk, the red dust of the Australian outback, the remote islands of the Hebrides – and the journeys we take between places. The tales are of lives well-lived and in flux, at ease and on the road, alone and with lovers - always searching, caring and generous.

The twists and turns of Larry’s music are rooted in his musical education in the traditional folk clubs of the South East of England, and the dynamic harmonic progressions of jazz in London’s Soho. Elements of Steely Dan, Paul Simon and Laura Marling and others who span genres.

Starting at 15 in West End coffee clubs, Larry then formed a free music collective in Leeds in his early 20s, before moving to the south coast, where he was drawn to the strong folk music tradition of Hampshire and West Sussex. Larry’s life drifted away from music, until in 2004 he produced a simple CD for friends containing his first new songs in over 20 years. Buoyed by their support, he started sharing them more widely and eventually produced the band album of 2016 - Night Flight.

Since then Larry has been performing regularly from England to Europe to Australia and New Zealand. His intimate style – with his careful, understated guitar playing – sees him connect with his audience one to one, where you can hear every heart beat in the room.

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