BEMENDE Releases Debut EP 'FTSH'


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In the artist's own words:

"The EP has been two years in the making. I wanted to create something that would re- introduce people to Bemende. The project is titled FTSH consisting out of 4 tracks with the first 3 describing how experiences with the opposite gender have made me feel. Throughout my 20’s I have had rocky relations with men which often left me depleted. Much,to my own demise. So, I decided to write about these experiences as a sense of acknowledgement and closure to myself. The final track hydration talks about having to hydrate in order to grow. I wrote this song at a time where I was going through depression. Consequences of many wrong decisions that I ever made had caught up with me. The song represents feeling trapped and stagnant in situations and wanting out. The journey to completion has been a healing one for me. I am able to close this chapter and move on with a clear mind, heart and spirit..."


Bemende is a Dutch- Congolese singer-songwriter based in the South-East. Her interest imusic began when her mother solicited her to start singing in church from an early age. From there, she part took in school talent shows as well as local festivals to showcase her vocal abilities. Being Congolese, growing up in multicultural neighbourhoods and having moved very often had exposed her to a multitude of genres such as RnB/Soul, Hip-Hop and House to which she draws inspiration from till this day. Bemende always had an interest for the arts and it was not until she moved from the Netherlands to the UK where she began to strongly express herself. She kept a diary, wrote poems to highlight how she felt. In addition to that she also learned how to DJ and make house music however, singing was her forte.

August 3, 2021 3:12pm ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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