Joshy Connor Releases Genre-Fusing Album 'Love Unknown'

After A Brief Hiatus, Joshy Connor Is Back With His Latest Album 'Love Unknown' After A Brief Hiatus

What started off as poems, written in between milestone personal events, the pandemic and an entrepreneurial journey, now take the form of Joshy Connor’s comeback album ‘Love Unknown’. Fusing elements of folk, pop and neo-soul, Joshy Connor is set to make waves with his genre-fusing album with its release today.


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Based in South-East London, Joshy Connor has been creating and releasing music for over ten years. His debut album ‘Running’ was released back in 2011 and saw Joshy Connor as one to watch in the singer-songwriter realms. Since this debut, Joshy Connor has released a string of singles, two EPs and his previous album ‘Chronicles’. Whilst catching the attention of the BBC and performing his songs all over the UK, Joshy Connor has been forging his own path in the UK music scene with his genre-defying sound with each release.

Despite his recent hiatus, Joshy Connor never abandoned his creative side. Whilst the singer didn’t start writing with the intention to build this album, many of the songs from Love Unknown started as poems written as a creative outlet during this time. Joshy Connor says,

“I found myself unexpectedly writing and recording an album. Amidst the busyness of life—managing a small business, fatherhood, and all that entails—I have struggled to find time for songwriting over the past few years but started to read a lot, and try to write, poetry instead, which I could do in any moments that I had spare.”

Released today, ‘Love Unknown’ is a showcase of Joshy Connor’s signature singer-songwriter sound. With a foundation of elegant guitar lines and vocals, Joshy Connor allows his mutli-faceted influences to transform the tracks. Joshy Connor says on the creation of the album,

“My motivation for making music remains rooted in my deep love for it. I am happiest when playing, recording, or writing music. This album draws on a diverse range of influences, including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul. Each track, I hope, brings something different whilst being centred around memorable tunes and intricate guitar parts.”

Joshy Connor collaborated with Brazilian producer and multi-instrumentalist Murillo Sguillaro (The Beatflux, Muca & La Marquise, The LABRIT Project, Alice SK), who lended both production savvy and guitar flair to a few of the tracks. Another collaborator on Love Unknown is Seb Kellig (The Nix). The beauty of simplicity was an essential focus in Joshy Connor’s creation of the album, instead focusing on intricate harmony and melody. The soundscapes of each track demonstrate the captivating impact of keeping it simple. Joshy Connor says,

“I enjoyed the challenge of writing poems and, in the latter half of 2023, began setting some of these poems to music, resulting in the creation of my album. During the writing process, I aimed for simplicity, clarity, and minimal production, which presented its own enjoyable challenges.”

Two tracks from Love Unknown have been released; ‘Wild’ and ‘Truth’. In ‘Truth,’ complex percussion and electronic elements intertwine with the folk-fuelled guitar riffs. The unreleased track ‘Lighthouse’ brings the neo-soul atmosphere to the album, melding together moments of soulful synths and slick guitar lines. ‘North’ and ‘What To Do’ showcase the softer side of Joshy Connor’s artistry, as these ballads boast his signature emotive, poignant lyrics and beautiful melodies melting into the guitar lines. All eleven tracks offer up a different side to Joshy Connor’s sound, resulting in a captivating listen.

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