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The Lost Gecko’s album "The Fox and the Lie" is a unique and evocative musical exploration of our relationship with nature and the often overlooked cruelty we inflict upon it.

"The Fox and the Lie" is not just an album; it's a profound narrative that delves into the complexities of how we, as humans, interact with the natural world. Through a curation of meticulously crafted songs, the album paints a vivid picture of the often inhumane ways we treat nature and its inhabitants.

The album goes beyond the surface, exploring themes such as the misconception that "the grass is greener" and the normalized sight of dead animals in our daily lives. It invites listeners to reconsider these normalized views by breaking down the story of one animal, showing the depth and emotions that come with each life. By personifying these animals and applying human emotions to their stories, "The Fox and the Lie" is truly a powerful and moving experience.


The Lost Gecko are a band hailing from Cork, Ireland, formed in 2006 by Scottish-born singer-songwriter Malcolm Urquhart. Malcolm is joined by cellist Elaine Urquhart, John Burke and Nils Elders. Between Malcolm's soaring vocals, intense lyrics, vibrant guitar playing and Elaine's emotive cello lines, The Lost Gecko's music is outside the box; an intricate weaving of sound, melody and rhythms with spontaneous bursts of exploratory improvisation.

The Lost Gecko performed in the Landjuweel festival, Amsterdam 2018, as well as venues in Finland and Ireland as part of their summer tour. They have performed in Irish Festivals Bare in the Woods, Vantastival, Live on Air, It Takes a Village, Hillfest, First Fortnight. They were featured on the Irish Radio show Arena on RTE 1 and on Dutch live TV/radio in Leeurwarden.

June 18, 2024 9:54am ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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