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Ascending Rock/Pop Star Ikill Orion partners with entertainment industry veteran executive Tim Sabean of Sabean Media on the launch & expansion of Ikill Orion global Lifestyle brand comprised of TV, Music, Fashion, Beverage and Skincare/Beauty products. Tim is the former Senior Vice President of the iconic Howard Stern Sirius XM channels the most successful radio broadcast Billion dollar brand in media history.

Ikill Orion Pop Art 2021 album Mikillangelo & the 2022 (35) track retrospective Mercury Retro were both considered for a GRAMMY®. The Orion star is an International acclaimed recording artist, tv personality host, brand, spokesmodel x premium content creator. He’s worked with, partnered and been cast by major iconic brands such as Burberry, Chevy, MTV Jams, GOAT, Starbucks, Apple, Google, Amazon and countless others on global digital, print & broadcasting campaigns. Ikill has been featured on Fox, MTV, BBC Radio, Sky TV (UK), NHK (Japan) and in prominent publications such Billboard Magazine (2X), Music Week (UK), Village Voice, Timeout London & Oricon (Japan).

Ikill and team Orion have created Provocouture TV a Lifestyle Series that (re)volves around style x transformation with Ikill as the host/creator/executive producer of the show. 'PTV' is host driven singular vision a _space where fashion, music, culture, art, food, celebrity, beauty, travel, luxury, art & brands all collide. Think "MTV QVC Meets Hip-Hop Gen-Z" says Ikill it`s stylish, disruptive & transcending.

With Season 1 x (3) episodes in the can plus the world at his fingertips Ikill has a deep understanding of what, not only it takes to become an icon, but also the importance of building a global brand which is by far the most significant ingredient in becoming a star. The result for both the viewer + guests on the show is a ‘transformative experience’ that is wildly eclectic, electric, and erratic in the spirit of Warhol & Bourdain.

As an emerging star on target to strike Ikill has worked with industry icons, high profile celebrities, Grammy winners, Multi-Platinum artists /producers, Fashion Houses, & Tech Start ups. "Andy Warhol prophesied that in the future (now) everyone will experience their 15 Minutes of Fame or rather shame hence Tik Tok" says Ikill as he jokes and laughs. Provocouture TV is the intersection where Hollywood, Vogue, and the street meets taking on where Warhol & Bourdain left off keeping in step with the current affairs & current trends without missing a beat!

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December 2, 2022 3:00am ET by Deity (distributed by Sony Music Entertainment)  

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