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Dizzee Rascal opens up about writing his autobiography

'Fix Up Look Sharp' star Dizzee Rascal has opened up about the progress of his autobiography. 

The London rapper explained that he is currently spending time with a ghostwriter named Ben Thompson and together, the pair are penning his autobiography. Battling with the promise to fans of a new record, Dizzee admits that the literary project has been "pushed back a bit" so as not to disappoint:

"The book has been pushed back a bit - I'll probably get the album out first. I sit there with Ben Thompson and tell him everything. Everyone's got secrets and I've got more than plenty."

He's excited to immortalise his life story and is finding the writing process like "a therapy session", adding:

"You know what? I enjoyed it. It was a bit of a therapy session, because I ain't had no therapy sessions before. Telling someone everything has been great. I got into trouble so much when I was younger, now I don't try to get too wild and rebellious or anything."

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