Matt Kiss Battles With His Own Mind In Catchy New Tune "Hurricane"

Introducing Brooklyn Artist Matt Kiss

In honor of #MCM meet Matt Kiss,  a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY who has released his debut single "Hurricane". Matt quoted, "The image of “dancing in a hurricane” is meant to illustrate what it’s like to try and maintain your own balance amongst the chaos flying around you. Sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you get lost in the storm."

Check out our exclusive interview with Matt Kiss below to learn more about our new music obsession.

1.) Hi Matt! Please let our readers know a little about you?

I’m Matt Kiss, a singer/songwriter born and raised in New York. I started playing guitar when I was 13, started singing and writing songs at 17. I also play bass, some piano, and a bit of percussion. 

2.) Hurricane is the first single off your EP what inspired the track?

The inspiration behind Hurricane comes from having to deal with any type of internal struggle or conflict. Most of the lyrics deal with that internal conflict as it relates to a relationship, and how those conflicting feelings may affect you or your loved one. The concept of “dancing in a hurricane” comes from an imagery that I come back to when I feel like I’m caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and how chaotic that feels.

3.) Are the other songs off your project similar to the theme of Hurricane? 

All the songs on the upcoming EP deal with matters of the heart or relationships in one way or another. The only difference is that each song deals with a particular emotion or vibe. Some songs are about longing for love, while others about attaining it. And some deal with more complex emotions, like Hurricane. But despite each track dealing its own set of emotions, all of the songs are about a relationship with another human being and what that means.  

4.) What is your creative process like and how was it different recording this song?

For songwriting, I usually come up with the music first on guitar, then lyrics. For Hurricane, I almost worked backwards from the chorus. I had been working on this line: “Wish I could explain, but living in my head’s like dancing in a hurricane.” The chorus line was meant to depict how out of control it felt to be feeling the way I was. I could have written about several things, but it took some time to focus and hone in on the essence of what the lyrics would turn out to be. Once I finished the music and lyrics down, I brought the song to Malcolm Fong (Producer) and we went to work crafted the track.

5.) Are cowrites on this tune it did you create everything yourself? 

It’s somewhat rare for me to do co-writes on my songs, and Hurricane is no exception.There were’t any co-writes on Hurricane, I pretty much brought Malcolm a fully written song. In terms of the recording process, both Malcolm and I brought some new ideas to the table (the piano motif in the bridge for example was more of his sensibility). But in terms of the music and lyrics, that was me.

6.) I can see that you have not released original music in awhile. What makes now the era of Matt Kiss? 

I've always been pretty eclectic when it comes to music. I draw inspiration from multiple styles and often times that come across in my own craft. In writing my new/upcoming material, I wanted to take my time and develop a sound that was a focused representation of who I am as an artist. Additionally, it took me some time to find someone I liked working with as much as Malcolm Fong (producer). I’ve worked with several different artists and producers in the past (both on personal and other artists’ projects), and always felt like I needed the right person to help bring my vision to life. Once I met Malcolm things just clicked, and I’m just very excited for people to hear this new vibe.

7.) Where can our readers find you?

Here are my social handles.

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