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Paulina Vo is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. Her versatile style and complex lyrics leave a listener yearning for more. Her latest single, "Shades Down" is about letting go of toxic people. Vo quotes, "I wrote Shades Down after feeling like I needed to let go of a toxic person in my life. I had to empower myself to feel like I could. When I perform this record live, I like to say me and my backup singers are a witchy, goth Destiny's Child with our harmonies (laughs)."

The single starts with a vocoder type of sound to set the mysterious mood of what the rest of the song will be like and transitions into catchy melodies with a moody-pop feel. Check out Paulina Vo's single below and follow her on social media!

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Paulina Vo is an indie, R&B, pop/soul, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Brooklyn. Born in New Orleans to Vietnamese American immigrant parents, her family moved from state-to-state, spending most years in Orlando, Phoenix, and now Brooklyn. Paulina’s bi-cultural and bi-coastal upbringing have molded her sound into a cross-genre blend of harmonies, delayed guitars, and occasional 808’s. Currently, Paulina is writing, producing, and releasing collaborations and personal projects, as well as composing music for indie film and TV. She also plays at venues like Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, and the Delancey in New York City.

Recently, she was selected as one of twelve sound creators selected as part of Splice’s Creator Class (2019), was a featured performer during the Mondo.NYC Music Festival and Tech Conference (2019), and participated in the coveted Judy Stakee Songwriting Retreat (2018). She’s also scored her first indie short documentary, “Please” (2018), received a nomination for “Best Original Song” at the Indie Series Awards (2018), and was a semifinalist in the Coffee Music Project (2017). In 2015, she shared discography with hip hop legend Talib Kweli as part of Colours of the Culture, on her work with the producer, Thanks Joey.

Her new single “Shades Down” is set to release on January 24th on all major platforms. Vo quotes, "At points in my life, I let toxic people get close to me. I knew it was because I wanted to always look for the good in people, and found it difficult to listen to my red flags. But I finally got through to myself and decided I had to start listening.” Stay tuned for more of Paulina Vo in 2020!

March 10, 2020 4:56pm ET by Dream In Music  

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