Transgender Rapper Janae Rose Q&A

Janae Rose recently signed with Dream Holdings Records

Interviewer: "Congratulations on "Dip and Dash." It's a killer track. Do you feel like you're crossing over into a new level of success?"

Janae Rose: "I’m a believer that any amount of growth leads me closer to my goals. I’m constantly reaching new levels of success every time I get another view or gain followers."

Interviewer: "When you were younger, what artist did you first respond to?"

Janae Rose: "When I was about nine I got really into Lil Wayne and Drake. I would listen to them with my friends every day on the school bus growing up. We would rap the lyrics of songs often, and that’s when I first aspired to be an artist."

Interviewer: "In your rap career, how will you know you’ve succeeded?"

Janae Rose: "To me success is not having to worry. I want to make music, get paid for it and live comfortably."

Interviewer: "So how will you judge yourself in 10 years, in 20 years, when you look back?"

Janae Rose: "I think I'll look back and appreciate my art but be able to see my growth. If your not consistently improving than your doing something wrong."

Interviewer: "Are there any local rappers you would want to work with?"

Janae Rose: "I’ve worked with local rapper Insani-D before and plan to again. As far as other collaborations are concerned, nothing is official but I’ve been in contact with a few local artist."

Interviewer: "When you decide to make a track, what is your process?"

Janae Rose: "I start with a beat and I try to feel it out. I don’t want to force anything, I usually just go with what feels right. The best music comes naturally. A good portion of my songs are freestyles but I also write a lot of songs. As an artist it’s important to me that I’m versatile."

"I'm here to change the world." - Janae Rose

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