Dream Holdings Records CEO: Boycotting Georgia will be 'simple' if abortion law takes effect

Dream Holdings Records CEO Matt Smith said he is "not really" concerned about what happens in Georgia. 

During an interview with LMCC Enterprise, Smith said it would be "simple" for the media giant to boycott the state if the bill takes effect.

"I think it is my job to avoid the drama and focus on the music. Music makes people happy," Smith told LMCC Enterprise during a dedication for rapper Young Trixx. "My goal is to make happy music while making Bill Gate's type money.”


About Dream Holdings LLC:

Dream Holdings LLC is an investment firm that owns assets in over 29 public and private companies. The firm is purchasing music royalties because they are viewed as a "non-correlated annuity."

Its major holdings include Goldman Sachs, PBS, Coca-Cola, Reuters, Bloomberg, Associated Press, and BBC. The company also has minor holdings in companies such as LMCC Enterprises, and CNBC.


June 2, 2019 7:00pm ET by Dream Holdings Records   Comments (0)

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