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Duran Duran knew Timbaland album was a bad idea

Iconic band Duran Duran admit that their 2007 Timbaland produced album was a "fucking nightmare".

The 'Rio' rockers' 12th full-length record entitled 'Red Carpet Massacre' was apparently the brainchild of their record label, and guitarist John Taylor explained the bad feelings to The Quietus:

"That whole project was a fucking nightmare. We delivered an album to Sony that was a natural-sounding, almost rock album, and they were like 'We need something a bit pop, do you fancy doing a couple of tracks with Timbaland?'"

Nick Rhodes added:

"The thing was, we got an opportunity to work with Timbaland, so we thought 'Great, let's go for it'."

"When Timbaland saw the guitar and the bass and the drums come in to the studio, I think he was mortified, because everything's in a box for those guys."

The band recently released their new album, 'All You Need Is Now', which was produced by Mark Ronson, and are set to perform a David Lynch-directed gig on Wednesday, March 23. 

Watch Duran Duran's open invitation to fans to join them for the live broadcast of their collaboration with Lynch, here: