An enterprising Mother & Son have turned their business into a farm shop drive-thru to keep customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.


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Tulleys Farm closed its farm shop in 2014, to focus the team on its event business including the world famous Shocktober Fest.

Every day since the shop close, the farm has had visitors turning up looking for the shop.

Stuart Beare Partner at Tulleys Farm.

" Tulleys has been in the last couple of weeks inundated with people travelling far and wide in the hope of finding the basic food essentials. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I had a team of around 40 staff that were twiddling their thumbs, so we’ve got creative.

We opened a “Drive Thru” Farm Shop stocking basic fruit and veg, some meats, dried goods and some dairy.

It will be 100% Drive Thru, to keep our team protected we ask visitors to stay in their car throughout the whole process. Orders will be taken on arrival onto an IPad, the order sent ahead to be put together. Visitors then drive through to pay and we’ll put the goods into your car.
This is a pilot, we’re not aware it’s been done before, we will quickly learn.

Prices will be as low as we can get them, unlike our Halloween Festival and pumpkin growing, this is not for profit. We found out along time ago that you need to sell an awful lot of veg to make any money. If it keeps a few of our staff employed, keeps our minds focused and busy, gives our local community easier access to some of the goods they need, then I think we’ll have done a little bit to help "

A video has been posted online explaining the process this has gone viral with nearly 60k views in 24 hours.

The Drive thru has been a great success with local residents:

Rosie Reid:
I used the drive thru on Thursday and couldn't fault it at all. The staff were brilliant, and took the the rules of social distancing very seriously.

Claire Corrigan:
I went yesterday and they've organised it so well, order by a person 2 meters away, pay contactless at your window via a pole, pop your boot and they put it in. All with out any contact.

The farm shop is open daily and the full price list can be found at www.TulleysFarm.com


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