International singer-songwriter, producer ELLA RAY releases first single BLOOD



ELLA RAY kicks off her first studio album with a single release called BLOOD that was inspired by the events in 2020 like the death of George Floyd and others and the following riots by the black community and the famous song "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday as well as the pandemic COVID-19 and Billie Eilish´s amazing song "No time to die".
BLOOD is a mix between neo-soul, electro-pop, and jazz and showcases ELLA´s love for minimalism and harmonizing. Embedded in a classically sounding piano melody and a heart-like pounding beat ELLA´s message of "blood on their hands, blood on the streets" is ever so direct and unmistakenly clear that it remains like a waterproof canvas in the mind of the listener.

This song is more than just a mirror of the events described above, it is a reflection of the memories she has about her ancestors who suffered from racism, discrimination, torture, and death. She dedicates this song to her ancestors and every person that suffers from racism.
ELLA is a big advocate for peace, love, justice, and freedom. Unapologetically she expresses that in her first single release BLOOD.


ELLA RAY was born and raised in Kazakhstan and moved at the age of 7 to Germany with her family. The musical influences from all cultures that she has been in contact with drive her unique style to express herself.
Vocally she has been most influenced by Alla Pugatcheva, Ella Fitzgerald, Mariah Carey, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and more.
At the age of 6, she started to study the piano. Moving to Germany she studied Accordion, Percussion, Violine, Guitar, Dambra, and piano.
When her parents gifted her an electric piano in her early teens she started composing and producing her own songs, the singer-songwriter/producer was born.

Joining the school choir not only refined her skills as a singer but also her desire to become a mentor. She started coaching the choir under the supervision of her choirmaster and mentor.

After finishing school and music school (Accordion, Classical Piano, Jazz Piano) she decided to become a teamer in the Jazz Workcamp Berlin led by the award-winning Jazz guitarist Andreas Brunn. A year later this Young Music Caravan went on a Europe Tour where ELLA remained a dedicated member, coach, and mentor to the musicians. Here she had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain valuable experience as a musician, teamer, and mentor.

Her love and curiosity for music and languages inspired her to study musicology majoring in ethnomusicology, and linguistics majoring in Southeast Asia studies, and finally making her dream come true of founding her own Music Academy called Soundstonez where she is dedicated to mentor singer-songwriters, singers, and rappers worldwide to find and grow their unique voices and empires!
Currently, ELLA is working on her first studio album ASHES to be released in 2021.

March 3, 2021 5:47am ET by SOUNDSTONEZ RECORDS  

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