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Elton John plays all-night after cocaine-spiked meal

Elton John has revealed in a new documentary that his all-star friends once spiked his food with cocaine to keep him playing piano all night.

The new documentary, called ‘Madman Across the Water: The Making of Elton’, looks at the superstar’s rise to fame in America in the late 60s and early 70s after starting out as an unknown British songwriter named Reginald Dwight.

In the documentary, Elton recalls a memory of how he was once drugged over dinner: “I left at 7:30 in the morning and I thought ‘I never stayed up until 7:30 before, but I feel really good!’.

He added: "Years later I learned they had put cocaine in my food.”

Three Dog Night singer Danny Hutton – who was a notorious bad influence on musicians when it came to drugs, dealing regularly to Beach Boys architect Brian Wilson – admitted that he was among those that spiked Elton’s dinner, saying: “I might have forgot to tell him. Well it certainly didn’t hurt him. He went on to be quite successful.”

Watch Elton performing ‘If It Wasn’t For Bad’ on October 20, alongside Leon Russell from their new album ‘The Union’ below: