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Sir Elton John tells Kings Of Leon to "lighten up"

Sir Elton John has spoken out about the recent onslaught of artists and bands slamming the hit U.S musical series 'Glee'.

The 'Your Song' star has nothing but support for the Ryan Murphy created show, but explained on last night's (March 31) 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' that he's disappointed with the way acts are responding to being asked if they'd like to feature on the soundtrack:

"There's a big debate going on about the 'Glee' thing at the moment. A lot of bands say they don't want their stuff on 'Glee.' It's like, 'Lighten up, you assholes,'"

He also aimed his remarks directly at rockers Kings Of Leon, who turned down the request to have their hit 'Use Somebody' used in an episode:

"This is a compliment, also it sends a positive message out. What the hell is wrong with you guys? 'Oh, we don't want our music played.' Well, Kings of Leon, lighten up guys, c'mon… listen, when someone wants to do your song, it's a compliment."

Watch part of Sir Elton's recent gig in Baltimore, here: