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Sir Elton John calls for removal of Aids "stigma"

Sir Elton John has called upon people to remove the "stigma" that is attached to Aids.

The singer was speaking at World Aids Day in Sydney on December 1 and also put pressure on governments to keep funding the battle against the disease.

However he feels that by de-stigmatising Aids, the disease can become closer to being defeated. He said:

"We've got this disease really by the scruff of the neck. But we cannot loosen that grip we have on it. If governments start backing out and stop funding, then the epidemic will start to balloon again."

"If we can de-stigmatise this disease once and for all, we are really going to beat this disease. This is not a f*ggots' f**king disease anymore. This is a worldwide disease that affects everybody. Let's get rid of this disgusting stigma and get these people who are such fascists, such idiots, and such a**holes to understand that people have a right to live with dignity."

Watch Sir Elton John commemorate World Aids Day as he helped light Sydney Opera House below: