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Sir Elton John gives Madonna Super Bowl advice

Sir Elton John has given Madonna some advice on her upcoming Super Bowl appearance - telling her to "make sure you lip-synch good".

The Queen of Pop is set to grace the stage at the American Football event on Sunday (February 5), whilst John is due to appear in a TV advert during the game.

And speaking on Good Morning America, John spoke of the difficulties of actually "playing live" at it - and told Madonna to make sure her lip-synching is up to scratch, should she have to go down that route.

When asked if he had any advice for her ahead of the show, he replied:

"Make sure you lip-synch good. I've never seen a decent one. Never ever. You have to play live, but I don't think you can. In all fairness to everyone who's done one before, you may be able to sing live, but it's really hard to play live. Actually, to be honest with you I saw the Stones and I saw Prince and I thought they were pretty good."

As previously reported, M.I.A announced that she will be performing with Madonna and Nicki Minaj at the prestigious event.




Watch Sir Elton John on Good Morning America below: