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Eminem jokes about his sexuality in cameo appearance for 'The Interview'

Eminem has made a surprise guest appearance in the controversial film ‘The Interview’.

The Sony film finally hit cinemas on Christmas Day (December 25) after delays caused by security threats over the film’s content and mockery of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, and a cyber attack against the company by a group called Guardians of Peace.

During the film the Slim Shady rapper makes a cameo appearance where he confesses to being gay to James Franco's talk show host character, Dave Skylark.

The ‘Rap God’ star explains that his lyrics – which have been criticised for their homophobic content in the past – have been a ploy to disguise his true sexuality. Eminem says in ‘The Interview’:

“I'm homosexual… I'm more shocked that people haven't figured it out yet… I've been playing gay peek-a-boo for years. I've pretty much been leaving a bread crumb trail of gayness.”

Eminem was named Spotify's most-streamed artist in the US of 2014.

Despite only receiving a limited theatre release, ‘The Interview’ earned $1 million on the day of its release in the US alone.

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Watch Eminem in 'The Interview' below: