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Eminem's new video 'We Made You' leaked online

Eminem's new single has leaked to the internet and the rapper is his usual controversial self on the record name-checking a host of stars. Amy Winehouse gets two mentions on the produced track including the line “You’re my Amy, I’m your Blake.

At the end of the song Marshall also shouts: “Amy- Rehab never looked so good!”

Lindsay Lohan gets a mention as Em disses her on-off girlfriend Sam Ronson.

He raps: “Lindsay please come back to seeing men/ Samantha’s a 2 you’re practically a 10.”

And continuing the theme he says: “Damn I think Kim Kardashian's a man” and mentions Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson.

'We Made You' is the first single from Eminem’s hotly anticipated comeback record 'Relapse' which is released May 17. The video was filmed recently at a casino in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and co-stars Dr Dre and 50 Cent.

Watch the video for 'We Made You' below: