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Wednesday, July 13, 2016 4:12pm ET by  
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Example: 'I'm part of a label saying, 'no one wants an album from you''

'Kickstarts' hitmaker Example has revealed that "the album is dead" and the industry, now, is all about getting that chart-topping single that goes through the roof and is instantly popular. 

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained that his record label are delaying his new album's release because they don't think there's enough demand for it from the public:

“I could put the album out tomorrow, but I’m part of a label saying, ‘No one wants an album from you'. The album’s dead. You can have millions of streams of a single but you can release an album and only get 10,000 copies."

His last full-length record, entitled 'Live Life Living', was released in 2014 and on July 10 he responded to a fan who asked for new music with a simple message that said "two weeks". 

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